Heat Transfer of slip boundary layer flow of non-Newtonian fluid over a flat plate with Viscous Dissipation

Shashidar Reddy Borra, Naikoti Kishan


This article numerically studies the effects of viscous dissipation and magnetic effects of an incompressible non-Newtonian power-law fluid over a flat plate convective thermal and slip boundary conditions. The governing boundary layer partial differential equations along with boundary conditions are first cast into a dimensionless form by a similarity transformation and the resulting ordinary differential equations are then solved numerically using implicit finite difference scheme. The solution takes Knudsen number Knx, heat transfer parameter, magnetic field parameter M, power-law fluid index n, Eckert number Ec and Prandtl number Pr effects into consideration. The influence of these parameters governing the flow on non-dimensional velocity and temperature fields are discussed graphically. The variation of the Knudsen number Knx, heat transfer parameter  and Eckert number Ec on the skin friction, temperature at the wall  and the rate of heat transfer  is presented in tabular form.


- Magnetic field parameter, Knudsen number, Heat transfer parameter, Prandtl number, Viscous Dissipation and Non-Newtonian fluid

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